I Don' T Feel Alone Anymore!!!

Why? Why does my pc always adopt go-slow mode when I'm on it? It won't tell me, even when I shout "You f*cking piece of sh*t computer, what the f*cking hell are you doing?!! SCVHOST - THE **** IS THAT?!!! COME ON!!!! F*CKIN HELL, EVERY B*ASTARD TIME!!!!!

Coathangers - put on rail, they fall off, put back on rail, another falls off, put both back on rail, another falls off, pick up hangers and hurl the f*ckng things across the room, shouting "**** OFF FOR F*CKS SAKE!!!!"

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1 Response Aug 11, 2010

go to walgreens and go to the section where they hang their clothes. the dresses, or shirts and they are on these "arms" with little bumps to hold the hangers in order. WELL> i never, you cant even move it to look cause they all fall on the floor!! <br />
i can so relate to your feeling like throwing the hangers agross the room, (i mean at home not at the store anyhow) ur story just remminded me of my walgreens experience recently. lol