Really Brings the Primitive Rage Out

This is not eloquent.


I hate when people blast their horns. I don't care where I am or what i'm doing, I always turn and yell "HEY, **** YOU!" into the general direction of the assitude.

I've even done this a few times at work up at the front end of the store in front of customers because its ... a tic or something. They've never complained... probably thought I had tourettes or would injure them if they tried to notify The Man.

Also, I don't want anyone to respond with a ten word story... there's a one word button with Delete for a reason... get a real hobby.


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3 Responses Feb 26, 2009

haha. sometime in the semidistant past i "liked" your comment to yourself. is funny story. you should definitely try that out on somebody. also, take pictures

lol i was just bored enough to re-read some of my own stories (sad) and realized that a few times someone has asked to speak to the manager while I was... there. I guess since I look young on some days. Other days every third person asks how many kids I have. I suppose it depends on the amount of light hitting my 18 grey hairs. I should call Andie MacDowell and have her hook me up with some coupons. <br />
<br />
But really, its funny. I'm only openly rude to people who completely deserve it because getting narc'ed on is counterproductive to me. I have to explain why I did this or said that or blah blah and someone has to respond to the customer complaint. So of the few times I've been openly rude to a douchebag, vinegar-reeking assclown... at least 2 times they've said "I WANT TO SPEAK TO A MANAGER." Yet... there I already am. ha... I just realized how fun it would be to say "Ok. One second." Then turn around and back again and put on a smile and say, "Hi, ma'am. How can I help you today?"<br />
<br />
****, i'm one of only 4 people in the store wearing a tie. Context clues. Come on.

Yeah, horn blasters are turdmeisters!!!