Just One Squirrel In Particular....

We have a squirrel as a family pet.  He's really quite fun and has never hurt anyone (except the cat).  BUT I do yell at him b/c I am constantly sweeping up around his cage... he likes to dig through his bedding, and well, it usually ends up on the floor.  DARN SQUIRREL!!!! ;0)

TCliffman TCliffman
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2 Responses Jul 30, 2010

@ UnderEli- I know, right? lol<br />
@ Marji - Actually I wouldn't choose to do this, but we actually saved him. We have a few outdoor cats that got a hold of him when was awfully little. They injured his hip with a deep scratch. My daughters found him playing dead in the middle of our 3 cats. We spent quite awhile looking for his possible nest, didn't find any nor did we find a mother squirrel looking for her baby. He couldn't even walk yet. We nursed him back to health w/ the help of our local veterinarian. As he grew our vet told us that it would be inhumane to release him back in the wild as squirrels are social animals, but only with their own kind. His social interaction had only included humans and our indoor cat who mothered him. Not a good mix, if you consider what he'd encounter in the wild. Believe me, he plays and runs and jumps and gets plenty of interaction with my family and our good cat. But I would never recommend taking in a squirrel as a pet over the option of letting him live in the wild.

As long as the squirrel doesn't yell back I think you're doing okay. When the two of you begin having animated discussions then I'll start to worry.