Yes, Im A Weed Smoker And Im In The Army

ok, hi my name is david, im 20 years old im colombian and yes i am a weed smoker, i have been for about 5 years now and i can honestly say that many of the really relavant things that have happened throughout my life i dont owe to weed but weed hasnt stopped me from doing them, i will explain in a minute. i grew im in the united states, new jersey was a pretty cool place to grow up at, i was always a straight A student and ironically i always found time to get in trouble. During my sophmore year of high school my parents decided it was time for me to move back to colombia (country that at that time i didnt really know what it was). I have been with my girlfriend for 2 years, (also colombian) however i actually was kind of excited about comming back just for the simple fact that going to colombia would be like going to a place I had never been to, even though i did live there for the first 6 years of my life. back in the states i had smoked once, i remmeber it a some sour skunk rolled up in a black and mild dutch, i actually didnt even like it as much as i love weed now, i might have been because i problably smoked it wrong, im guessing is because it didnt do to me what weed does to me now. so i got back to colombia, and when i started school i realized how common weed was in colombia, now, again, i dont know if its really more common then what it is in the states, or if now that i was in colombia i was actually willing to smoke weed freely without ever doubting my decision of doing it. Ok so i finished the remaining 2 years of school that i had left (its only up to 11th in colombia) and i decided i wanted to study modern languages. when i started college my life turned completely upside down. moving out of the house made me feel like a bird stuck in a cage for 17 years thats suddenly free, i all of the sudden realized the type of things u are hidden from all your life, smoking marihuana was no longer a big thing that i did, it was something that went hand in hand with everything i did. Ok so i did 2 semesters of modern languages, it was awsome, meet many men and women, guys and chicks if you will, and just like that i have lived the 2 craziest semesters of my life. one December 13th, when i was going to my best friends house ( my moms house), i got of the transmilenio (its like the colombians version of  a public transportation train but is really like a really long bus) i hadnt even walked 2 blocks when it happend, what all colombian 18 year olds or older fear most, it was a normal truck, i saw that the driver and the coopilot were uniformed, they where from thecolombian army, the guy in the passenger seat was pointing at me, i knew he was comming for me, **** i still hadnt paid next semester i thought to my self, they got closer, **** i left my student id home, the lance corporal in the driver seat got out and walked towards me, i said to my self theres no way to run, the truck parked and i saw the back of the truck filled with very unhappy teenagers, the corporal asked me for my military ID, i didnt have one, i knew from that day i would be part of the colombian army. that day me and another 300 men were recruited to the combat lines of the colombian army, i had no idea that the guys in that truck would soon become my best friends, some i would never see again, others i willl owe my life to. i got in the truck, i was so mad i didnt care, i had a joint already rolled, i lit in the the back of the truck, i really didnt care, i got my cell phone out and called my mom, had the joint in my other hand, told my mom i would be gone for to years, that i loved her more that what any son can lover her mom, and that i would call when ever i was able too. The next 3 months, where the 3 hadest months of my life, trated like ****, eating like dogs, sleeping 30 minutes a day, but i perfer that to what i had to live the next year and 9 months of my life. I was in the guaviare rain forest, i must admit, sometimes the landscapes seemed so beautiful to me that it almost made it worthwhile beeing there risking my life. The first time i was in a real combat i felt like crying, i didnt shoot because i was too scared to look up, the second time i was looked up but didnt see the enemy, just heard the bullets passing by the side of my helmet, third time fought. One day a radiogram got to the batalion asking for candidates, they needed soldiers who spoke english to deploy them to the sinai peninsula to form part of a multinational force. Sence there really was no competition i was the only candidate they had.After 5 months in the Guaviare tropical rainforest, i was back in bogota, and 2 months later i go to where i am actually at right now, al gorah sinai, it has been a dream come true comming here, seeing the pyramids, luxor, are alll parts of my child hood fantasies, whats more exciting is beeing high at the great pyramids. I have lived a normal life as a pot smoker.
i just want people to stop criticizing what they have no idea about, thank you very mucho for takein time of your day to read my story, love you for that!!
please comment!!!
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you wana smoke canabis fine canabis is the best medecine out there. but your in the ******* military. what the **** are you thinking. grow the **** up save your money and wait till u get out or **** ur life up when u fail your drug test. mmj keeps me going from all the probloms that happened to ke in the military but i didnt smoke it when i was in. also of u get stoned when ur fellow brother are depending on you and some one dies thats on you kid. im not saying ur an idiot cuz u smoke im saying your retarted for smokeing and dishonoring the uniform your wearing going agenst the ucmj. i truely hope u dont get discharged but i pray u dont get one of our fellow brother in arms killed.sry for my spelling your ignorance possed me the hell off

I do think it undermines your wellbeing, especially in a military context. I suspect that you want confirmation that it is OK. Sorry, I don't think it is. You are obviously smart, but you need to break away from your dependence.

Your an self-caring ******* who doesn't care at all about the people you affect everyday. You will be caught someday and waste a lot of peoples time when they discharge you. Thanks for killing your friends **** head.<br />
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