I have over the years been rather perplexed with my dream patterns all of which seem like a warning but I'm just not sure what the warning is. either way these dreams more often than not seem to happen either weeks/months later exactly how I saw them. Those that do not happen include getting married, floods, going up stairs falling from a very high building/structure turning into a snake or being with an albino python in my bedroom however these are what I call the seemingly sinister warnings...?

I am a mostly liberal person with some conservative morals and a rather diverse out of the box radical outlook I am not your usual average one trick dog and pony show. I can jump from one belief to the extreme opposite end of another and thats just how I feel. I am a philanthropist and a rights activist at heart but also view structure for the greater good as fundamental to basic human survival.

For these reasons I have always been a bit of an odd ball as I am a non conformist however I do have the capacity to do so but choose to charter my own path. However in a society such my own non conformists are pretty much outcasts and so I have learnt to do what I need to survive.
smosweu smosweu
Sep 21, 2012