Lost And Miserable

long story single alone old lost everything no drugs no family health not good nowhere to go
gaylehinton1952 gaylehinton1952
56-60, F
1 Response Sep 23, 2012

think many of us are in the same boat

we have worked our lifes away trying to make this a better place only to see this world becaom a throw away place

i look at the kids and adults coming up to take our places and i really have to wonder if the ones we have lost in useless wars was worth the cost

the world we know and have worked our *** off for are all controled bu corperations we have goen from being a nation of the people for the people to a nation of corperations for corperations
we have news papers that show only part of the facts and are controlled by money

i agree i work in a nursing home

i do foster care with the same 2 for 20 years now