Dissecting Cellulitis Of The Scalp

i have been reading some of the posts because i'm trying to find some other forms of treatments. i've been dx with dissecting cellulitis of scalp for past 4-5 years. treated off and on with antibiotics,foams,shampoos. my dermatologist tried to get auth. for remicade,but insurance will not cover because not enough evidence to show that it has been used enough and is effective. i currently have a flareup after about 7-8 months without. i believe the remicade would help me tremendously since this is an autoimmune disease. i also have other symptoms such as back pain,joint pains,muscle pains,fatigue,eye pain. this has been going on for approximately ten years and getting worse. have been seen by rheumatologist but no dx. only my muscle enzymes elevated. i continue to follow up with my rheumatologist and will be following up with my dermatologist for my scalp. i am a female and i know this is rare in women. this is a horrible disease to have. extremely painful and scarring. i hope by joining this site i can get some advice.
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Feb 17, 2013