Sex With Pikachu

I have so many stories on this subject,, I just selected one at random.
When I use to live in a place named Annville,, I had gotten hold of a Pikachu buddy pillow. Sometime around 1998 or so.
At first,, I just liked using him as an extra pillow. But after some time,, I began (Yiffing) my Pikachu. At first,, I just rubbed against
him for a while,, then *********** the *********** the rest of the way. But then after some time,, I began rubbing on him longer and longer. I soon stopped ************ the ***********,, and just let it go all over Pikachu. I don't know exactly how it happened,, but I soon got addicted to Yiffing Pikachu at every chance I got. Straight through 2001 or 2002,, I kept up doing so,, through three different places I lived.
Anyone else ever Yiff a Pikachu?
FievelJ FievelJ
36-40, M
Jul 23, 2010