Embarrassing Yoga Moments

My girlfriend had been doing yoga fio quite some time and wanted to get me go join her, so she got me some tight fitted yoga pants and toe shoes, and dragged me with her one day. Im really fit and tall, but not super flexible, so I thought it woud be a good chance to help that.

Well about ten to fifteen minutes in, my male anatomy decides it wants to raise up in rebellion, and I get a raging erection for almost no reason. There were no other guys in there, and about fifteen "twenty-something" hot women in tight clothing. While that alone may have been enough, the positions were extremely sexual and sensual.

Well it was a terrible ten minutes stretching and doing positions with my manhood just glaring there and when we started the "bridge pose into king pidgeon" the instructor really looked at me funny and my girlfriend noticed, laughed and fell out of posture, which atteacted everyones attention, straight to my erection...

It was pretty bad. The pants didnt really do anything to hide it and the light color sort of let it show through with all the sweat... I was so embarrassed. I had to walk out of the studio, past everyone, to get to the changing rooms... sporting a massive show in front of everyone. It took me a while to build up the courage to go again, but i was glad I did. They explained that that happens alot, and that they know it doesn't mean i'm a pervy pervert...

I still attend the classes with my now ex girlfriend but still friend and enjoy them alot. I dont get erections like that during class much anymore but when I do, i think they kind of enjoy it more than get insulted/offended. I dont get any complaints at least.....

Darkmoonofauir Darkmoonofauir
1 Response May 6, 2012

good thing they treated an erection as normal!