This Is Where Baby's Come From

You and I had gone out for the evening and I had one too many glasses of wine. As You stumbled into your place I caught you before You fell. As soon as i had my hands on you I begin to remove your clothes. You were as horny as  I was and started in by unbuttoning my  shirt. We were soon naked on your bed where the usual kissing and touching ensued. Knowing what was about to happen, You went to reach for the box of condoms You kept in your panties  drawer (it's a little over an arm's length from your bed).
Your  doctor had recently taken you off the pill due to some side effects You explained to me you were  having. Resorting to condoms for birth control was more of an adjustment than You thought it would be. You had once told me you had been on the pill since I first started having sex and had never really used a condoms before.

I know unsafe sex is bad, especially since I like to **** like a sailor on shore leave. For whatever reason the idea of getting an STD to didn't scare me enough to use condoms i knew we had no worries about that , but the idea of getting you pregnant did. Somehow when i would open using mouth they often tore , we started using these things that were like the breath strips that desolve  just insert into your cooch and off you go . You and I had always had great sex, and so it was very frustrating how much difficulty we had using a condom.
When You had first gone off the pill and told me we had to use condoms i hated that i complained. We both agreed  using a condom feels like clapping with gloves on. That first night remember the first night we used i lost my erection when i put the rubber on and You ended up giving me a ******* to get me off. The next time we had sex we didn't use a condom and i pulled out before ******* . And came all over your stomach. I wasn't too keen on the idea that we had sex like that, especially after investigating the success rate of pregnancy prevention using the pull-out method. The probability of prevention was a little too low for comfort.
 I hated it. I hated disappointing my partner , I hated not being able to feel everything, and I hated losing the intimacy of having nothing between us. We actually found ourselves having intercourse much less often opting to please each other orally or manually.

I continued to reach for the condoms located somewhere in panty drawer even though I  was protesting. She was in an awkward position and ended up with the lower half of her body on the bed while supporting most of my weight with a hand on the floor as I fumbled trying to find the box of condoms.
It was exquisite but not unexpected. I half lifted you so that i could get access to your ***** with my mouth. I believe You took this as my attempt attempt to prevent you from getting at the condoms. If this was the case, then i succeeded as You immediately got that brief ache that comes when Your getting turned on too fast for your body to keep up. You said you felt my warm, wet mouth on you and as You were trying desperately, but unsuccessfully, to find the damn condoms. I was making out with your ***** lips and  making you dizzy with desire. It felt so amazing with most of your weight on my face, and my tongue going in and out of you while You were stuck there - braced  with your hands on the floor. You couldn't focus on anything else and seemed to be  into what I was doing to you , You started to squirm with the motions of my mouth and i felt that you were hoping that You weren't  crushing me . It didn't take long for you to *** like that. 

After your delicious ****** I couldn't help but notice you  wanted me badly. You disengaged yourself  from Me and my head and managed to stand up. You found the box containing the condoms, but discovered that it was empty. You didn't have the heart to tell Me that I wouldn't have access to your super-wet ***** because we were out of condoms.
You didn't say anything at the time as You set the empty box down and got back on the bed lying on your stomach. I immediately got on top of you grinding my erection against your wetness. You were holding your thighs tightly together preventing me from entering you . I was moving my hips up and down and I know she could feel the head of my shaft slipping between her thighs against and against her still engorged ****. It was obvious by the way You were moving that I was still trying to enter your ***** .You seemed as if you didn't really mind. My **** rubbing up against you and it also felt so good it made breathing for you difficult.

"I know you want it," I know she heard me whisper into her ear. 
Yet didn't say anything. 
"I know you want me to **** you."
You grunted and moaned but otherwise stayed silent.
"It's been so long. I know you can't resist. I know how you are."
You were still holding your thighs tightly together, but i could tell I was getting to you . I could tell you wanted so bad to relax. I think we were both still feeling the wine We had earlier, and wished You could just lay there and enjoy having Me inside you .
"Tell me you don't want it."
"You said can't," As you breathed heavily 
"Tell me you want me inside you."
I could tell you did want me inside you ,  but You didn't want to say it. It was like a game - an erotic dare to see if I would let him take me completely unprotected.
"Tell me that you need me to **** you and *** inside you," I said my voice full of lust. "Just say it."
The heavy desire in my voice must have got you really hot. Yet you still didn't say anything. I felt like you weren't going to give me explicit permission. Instead You parted your legs slightly and immediately i felt the tip of my shaft at your entrance. I forced your hips forward, and my shaft began pouncing on your ***** like a predator going after its prey. We moaned deeply as I inserted myself deep into you . The feeling was wonderful as I filled your insides completely.

"Oh God!"you moaned. "Put your **** in me, **** me now,"
I was in ecstasy as I at you with reckless abandon. You grabbed onto the bed sheets hanging on for dear life as I continued my relentless pounding. I was going at you so hard, I though I would literally **** your brains out. It was intoxicating with pure, animalistic lust. When I  reached down and started to massage your  **** .I could hardly catch my breath. And you seemed like you were on the edge of yet another ****** wanting release. You screamed that The room felt like it was spinning as I continued to hammer myself into your body.
"I'm gonna *** inside you,"  I shouted 
At that moment You came, the pleasure paralyzing you .It took your breath away and I could feel your walls clamping tightly around my shaft .
"Oh Yeah," You screamed while You were still climaxing. "*** for me again , *** inside me again "
Immediately She felt my body twitching and she heard me grunt loudly. We both screamed as I filled her again with my seed. I held held her tightly underneath me as I let the waves of pleasure and my *** move through into her body once again .
A few minutes later we lay on sweaty sheets I was still inside her , I was softening, as She rested on her back. She could feel my *** leaking out of her as we laid there in post-sexual euphoria. We just stayed there like that until sleep overtook our exhausted bodies. 

Weeks later I would learn of our new addition the hard way verbally abused for being so wreck less with the condoms . However , you told me your still somewhat euphoric after having one of the most erotic experiences of your life , for us the sense of wrong doing has always seemed to enhance our sexual pleasures  !!!!!!!.........

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Nice story, your writing is getting so much better. Nice visuals. Thank you for sharing.