I am married for 20 years we had fights about everything but we are still together our first son has bipolar and scitso frania is on alot of meds believe me everything happened to us we are about to loose our house bcause of a cut in pay we lost our son because of cyo and they made abig story out of nothing , but if you are friends and care for one another anything is possible
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Oh bullshit hoho...quit trying to bring people into your cult...<br />
Dolly-just fight that good fight! Look on the positive side and look to eachother for support, love, guidance, don't go for abuse I'm seeing it's for people who obviously don't have self control. Clearly! I wish u luck, happiness, and everything will get better if u want it to and if you push for what you want!

wow ! sorry to read this , hopefully your life has a turnaround good luck !