We Are Some Badass *************!

I am an American soldier. I have my ranger tab to those of you that know what that is its kind of a big deal lol. not to brag but i do love what ido and my unit everyone i fight with is the **** and i would die for any of them as any soldier would! But with that said we live in America truth is we are the most war hungry country in america, and in this country we can really do and accomplish anything! depends on what kind of a person you are what drive do you have are you willing to do whatever it takes to accomplish what you want in this life? you can if you want is the point This isnt about politics or the president its about us americans living in this nation able to do what we want! so we as anation are somebadass *************! And I think everybody is amazing in their own way so NEVER let anybody or anything hold you down! Because whatever it is you want and you have that drive remember this, YOU CAN, YOU WILL!! HOOAH!!!
dwick91 dwick91
22-25, M
Dec 12, 2012