Im Scared That U Might Come Amd Get Me..

since you tried to take my life and then severly molested me.. i have been afraid... i have been afraid of girls every since the incident... i become really introverted with them in person and i wont let the, touch takes me almost a year just to have a faily convo and to be touched by them in person...only my close friends can touch me and have a daily convo...and little kids cuz i know their intentions are not to hurt you know that every night when i sleep, i need someone to hold me until i fall asleep or sleep with me the whole night... and if they leave and i wake up and dont feel them near me, ill freak out and scream and terrified of the dark and i have to sleep with some kind of light on... and every night when i sleep i scream in my sleep cuz im scared u will come and get me or u have gotten me in my u know im scared to fall asleep cuz i feel like if i close just one eye for one second that u will ****** me in the night...or day?? or how i can be perfectly fine and sitting or laying down and then a memory of u play in my head about that night i cant breathe hardcore and my inhaler wont work and my mom have to rush me to the hospital... elizabeth, why me?? what did i do?? i was just a lil girl and just along with my bilogical ,other, u chose a way to damage my life some more...its cuz of u im scared of girls...and how they will come up to me and i will just walk away...and how it took this lady a year to get me talking to her becuz i was scared of her...just cuz she was an older girl.. u scarred me and i hope u are happy.... i still live my life with a happy smile..becuz im surrounded in my life around people who loves me and wants the best for me and wont hurt me...u were just someone i knew and loved and know ur someone i dont know and who i dis
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Ik how scary it is cause it happened to me and I still live with nightmares it will get better for ppl like us one day