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Mr. Kucinich Comes Bowling

Okay, so before I share the inaugural story of this new group i've just created, let me start out by saying, the following is 100% TRUE; in other words I am not B.S-ing you in any way shape or form. Unusual and completely unexpected things can, and on occasion, do indeed happen. So here goes...
Yesterday I was bowling with my big brother at our local bowling alley, Parkland Bowl(you can google it if you want, it exists lol). So we've just finished up ten games, and I gotta say, I've never bowled sharper. But that's beside the point. Anyway we were turning in our shoes, when my brother noticed a white couple coming to get a lane. Now the woman was a youngish lovely English lady with her much older husband. My brother was for sure he'd seen the guy somewhere before, on TV or something. So finally I caught a look at the guy in profile, and damned I was if he didn't bear a striking resemblence to Dennis Kucinich, the former US represententive and twice-failed presidential canditate. When he happened to turn towards me, then I was sure. Dennis Kucinich! Dear God what are the chances?
Not long after all this, I'm setting up a chess game with a buddy of mine who works at the bowling alley, and I tell him what I suspect. He then calls out to the guy and asks him if he's a congressman, to which the guy replies, "yes, i am". Cheese and crackers! We were right! Dennis Kucinich, former US representitive and twice-failed presidential candidate had come bowling with his wife Elizabeth at our little Parkland Bowl.Who'da thunk that waking up that morning?!
Mr Kucinich was politely friendly, shaking my hand, as well as my brother's and having a brief conversation with us and my mother, who was working there that day.
So, Mr Kucinich came bowling with his wife(who beat him the first game, mind you) at my local bowling alley. Wow! I guess you never know what you'll see in a day, huh?
DIYman DIYman 22-25, M 1 Response Oct 8, 2012

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Hey, sometimes life can throw you an amazing zinger! Great story!

LOL yeah pretty cool all in all; I know Kucinich isn't the biggest name out there, but hey I thought it was cool:)