There is a girl i know very well now who will remain unnamed. Ive loved her ever since i laid eyes on her. We talk alot but its always super awkward pretend fights or stupid jokes. i want to have a real conversation with her but its hard. She knows i like her and she doesnt like me so it would be hard to get her alone... well it would be hard to get her alone without being awkward.

Like every teenage boy, i get caught staring sometime. This girl is beautiful and everyone knows. Normally around girls i am quite confident and almost never shy, but with her its different. When i look at her ( in a good way) she will look back at me and ill just pretend i didn't see and stare ate the wall,etc. but i dont think she minds too much.

Almost all of my friends know i like her. And thats another issue, because one of my best friends absolutely loves her and has known her since they were in preschool and perhaps before. I have only known her for about a year now and at this point, i have a better relationship with her than my friend does with her. He is even more awkward but in different ways. But still, not creepy ways.

I know there are also some other boys i know very well who adore this girl but they dont show it nearly as much as Friend #1. I try not to show it at all anymore but i did in the past. She seems to not bother m as much anymore and my love has faded. I want other things now and so does she. And now im not awkward at all!

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You need to invite her to a street festival or go fishing or maybe a concert she may like . Use your brain and find out what she likes. Keep me posted . Marymarthazetta

Sounds good. Ill see whats going on.

This story you wrote in November . Where is your relationship now?

Since school is out i dont talk to her as much but were still just friends.