Very Young Sissy Boy Cds

I have followed links posted on this site, and a couple times they led me to a site that has pics of very young boys (above 8-9 years) dressed in CD clothing. I Don't really know what to make of my reaction to these pics...I don't like child molesters at all, but when I see some of these boys dressed as girls, I really get turned on. One boy has a onepiece bathing suit on, earings, lipstick, and a very sexy sideways looking pose. Another has a two piecd bikini, under a black lace/see thru top...both of these pics actually turn me on, and I know if I saw them in person, I would have the same reaction. Would welcome comments/thoughts on this.
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12 Responses Apr 23, 2011

I love pics of little boys in fem panties and bathing suits too. love to see their little bulges.

Love to see young boys being a sissy and wearing panties! So exciting to see. Can you share the web sites you found?

Will you list site address?

Live to see a young boy dressed in a bra and panties!

I think I have seen that sight too. Some of the young boys look absolutely gorgeous & make beautiful girls. One of my favourites was a young boy I guess about 10 or so, wearing a black bra & g string, black stay up stockings & a pair of shiny black stilettos. He had lipstick & eye shadow on & his nails were painted bright red , also large ear rings & a necklace. From the smile on his face you could tell he was enjoying the way he looked..........but not nearly as much as I was enjoying looking at him !

when I was a kid, I'd try on my moms makeup and dresses, ha

love to know the links you found.
love to see boys wearing panties for the first time!

I was 10 yo when I first wore my 8yo cousins panties.

Being a sissy is a lot of fun and exciting!!!! Wearing panties and slutty skirts trying to seduce guys!!! So much fun. Try it and be free!!!!

That's a bit odd. You found links in stories? I have never seen that here maybe you should report it. Not the sort of thing that sounds safe to me. As a child I once had an adult friend who wanted me to dress like a girl. I did and he enjoyed it, more than I did at the time. Looking back he must have had a weird FETISH.

When I was about 7 my mother often used to give me a pillow case full of underwear and a couple of swimming costumes, to dress up in in my room. A couple of years later I wanted to do it with another adult.

I would dress up in my sisters clothes when I was alone when I was 10

Even then I had a very large cut **** ,that might have been part of the problem having silky pair of panties on felt so good!

I used to dress up in my sisters close when I was 10 too. She was 11 and I fit in her clothes real well. I would look at myself in the mirror and get excited. I would catch my dad watching **** and I wanted to try anal and started doing myself all the time. Felt great

I used to dress in my sisters clothes as a young boy, but my mom always tried to discourage me. I wish i had been made to dress as a girl full timepp

Funny how some moms, aunts and grand mothers love having their little boys naked and dressing them in girls clothes...........and how so many then fondle, touch and so much more........