Young Studs Enjoy Visiting Iris

That you? here at my home I can do pretty much as I enjoy doing, I own more land then those who live here and the space allows me to have photos taken of myself, plus who I am doing it with, I do not post photos of them.
Just stories of what took place, I feel that they need protection to their personal life. I share what I have done with them and what I have expeience with their body. At my age I enjoy having a lot of male contact mostly their *****, tongues and fingers n my body. I love having the men I select to come to my home and enjoy my body as must as I am enjoying thir bodies, and I do mean their bodies as I like thee men at once. They are young men and not that experienc in having sexual contack s I have been screwed a lot and I love the feeling that a Youthful Iron Hard **** can do and they can get hard more then three times.
I lust for a man who likes to **** long and hard. Young men *** sweet and very yummy. I am very selective of the kind of young man I want. He has to come from a good home, have high goals and is a student at the university. Because they do not have any health problems such as HIV or Aids.
I have then smoke weed and drink Canadian Brady before we end up in my bed. The weed takes afect on their minds and how they get hard and it is Beautiful, they are driving their ***** into me at such a smooth and impressive speed plus licking and suckling my breast at the same time the others are in my anus and my *****.
I like being **** at lease four times a week by three young men and on the nights I don't have three men, I have two men enjoying my body. I am submissive and like being injoyed very much by the men I want to **** me.
I will tell you, one night I suck six ***** and was screwed by six men three times each. I will never do that again. But in a way I did enjoy having them **** me. For a week I stayed home as I was so sore, I did not want to go to wiork.
Today the most men I request to come and **** me are three and sometimes two. I never have enjoyed having just one.
I love the feeling of having fto feel the sizes of each new man penis in my ***, ***** and my mouth, it gives such wondrful bolts of enrgy that rushes through me. I have one man underneath me and I straddle him like a frog with his **** in my *****, with another behind me with his **** in my anus and the third man in my mouth with him holding my head still as he **** my mouth driving his **** deep into my throat and I am fighting for air. I survive his ******* my mouth and my throat, I survive the other two who are screwing me as if I am the last woman they'll ever be with onthis planet.
I love it when all three almost *** at the same time, they stiffen up and slam themselves into me and I am in the middle being filled full of ***. It is flowing out of my *******, and out of my ***** and out of my mouth. I have *** on my face and on my breast and on my tummy and on my *** cheeks. *** in my hair and I am totally Happy!
They leave and I showe for bed with hot dreams of my night with them.
The next day I enjoy walking nude in my back yard which is very secured with a nine foot high brick fence. I go out to clean my flower garden and my old neighbor next door looks out with his ZOOM Binuculers so that he can get that up close look and I yell up to him to come over and help me clean my garden. He comes over and I let him clean my ***** garden which he loves cleaning a lot and I enjoy him doing his **** cleaning of my graden holes that he fills full of his old ***. Yummmy. He leaves and I go inside to shower, I walk around my home naked all weekend. I dress and go out to the beach home I own and late at night I walk the beach totally nude with the moon light, not a man insight and I like it that way, cause I love how the air flows over my flesh and around my body. I head back to my beach home and their a young man standing there I know he been watching me from his place. He talks to me as I sit naked on my steps and I ask him if he like to have some *****. He is twenty he tells me, I think he is more like nineteen.
I am lying on my bed and he can not get his **** ino me, so I help him and then he becomes a man. I found out that his dad is very strike with him and his mom has nothing to say to him, he has not had much contact with any of the girl his age. He is Nineteen. So I let him come over at night and I teach to him how a woman likes to be ****.
His penis is not that long, only eight inches, but it nice to have a young hard **** filling my *****.


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4 Responses Sep 17, 2012

We love your freedom and stories!!! Would love to see your pictures!!! S and G

I want to live inside your *****....and suckle your milk for breakfast every morning.

you are amazing Iris i don,t know how you do it i love ******* to but what you do is amazing hugs vinny

That was so hot I was able to iron my slacks with your story.