I Lost My Best Friend For No Reason

I am 23 years old and i lost my husband aug 25 2012. He was 24 and we have a 3 year old daughtet, who sadly witnessed her daddy being shot by a.police officer. The officer was looking for my father in law who had a warrant for his arrest. The officer came into our home unannounced and shot my husband, he later died at the hospital. I was working while he was at home packing to move into our new house. The officer claimed my husband had.a knife in his hand and so far they have justified his murder by saying it was self defense. I know my husband and they wasnt a mean bone in his body. The worst is our daughtet witnessed the whole thing. I am so lost knowing i lost him over a untrained officer who was also dating my father in laws ex wife. My heart knows the officer went in to get the dad and accidently shot my sweet aaron. Life will never be the same for our family and baby girl. My heart hurts every minute i have to live without him. And as time goes on it only gets worse. God bless.you guys.
imuap imuap
22-25, F
Jan 9, 2013