Where Does Life Sins Start And What Is Your Opinion Thereof?

Isn’t it so much easier to pin point such, by society’s measures and standard categories. Sin is to commit murder, adultery, stealing and so forth... Oh and ah, when hearing what big mess others caused with their sinly choices... Keeping your distance and being ignorant, by thinking you do have the right to judge those that are streaked with all these sins hanging over their heads. Well, wake up!!! The sins does not start with our forefathers, it starts with yourself. Every time the sin starts in a thought format, expanding to a full blown negative eruption of bodily productivity. Mighty hideous thoughts twirling like a tornado, it can feel quite harmless inside yourself as if it is perhaps now foul play. But beware – it is only starting to form, bubble and growing. Soon it will engulf your being and make a chain reaction towards your life as it is. First you will start smoking one cigarette a day and before you know what hit you – is it a whole packet a day. It does not matter what you try in living form to dream think “Oh goody if I just had a man in my life, things would really be fantastic – more bearable, Oh and he must have money – a awesome vehicle and so on” or, “If I only had a sexier body, this and that”... This is only blindsided deceitful rubbish you hide behind to make yourself more presentable in your own mind to think alongside the pathetic stagnated emotional zone ... Stop behaving like an idiot, start doing what is truly liveable!!! Change your thoughts and start living it. It is much more difficult to take on a challenge and become better through hard endurance and perseverance than to give into stagnated thought, which is only violating your soul and making you passively badly informed.

Tande Tande
31-35, F
2 Responses Nov 27, 2012

You are so very right .I wish others could understand this .

Thank you - Yes I recon for others to understand I need to straigten my thought strings...