Is This The Kind Of Image You Miss Seeing These Days

Do you miss what was once a lovely sensual sight to see of a slip peeking from underneath a womans skirt. Since todays fashion trends do not really include a slip as an essential underwear garment with skirts and dresses having appropriate lining to protect a womans modesty, the rare sight of a peeking slip will always attract attention from slip savvy admirers as i believe it exudes a certain sensuality with a soft touch of irresistible allure.

Perhaps this image will give you a fond reminder.
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8 Responses May 5, 2012

Hi there, just from the stories, or lack thereof, it is true that RG's are not wearing slips as much as they used to or that we would like them too. I have a couple of jean skirts with a kick pleat in them, the top of the pleat comes just below my bum, so you can see the panty portion of my hose. So being a modest Cd I enjoy wearing an off color slip to highlight just the fact that I am wearing a slip. It just feels right...

Your jean skirts sound lovely. So glad to know you enjoy wearing a slip to tease as appropriate. Thank you for your input mpenner.

Me too I love ladies showing their slips,it looks sooogoood.<br />
When I see them,it makes my **** harden.Then I find the<br />
nearest public disabled toilet,where I can ***** to my white silky<br />
nylon full slip so I can **** myself thinking about the women showing<br />
me her slip.<br />
One day I was in the disabled toilet wearing just my white silky full<br />
slip wanking my hard ****,when a woman walked in on me.I could<br />
She said 'i saw you looking at my slip,does it turn you on'? <br />
She also ******** to her slip bra & pantygirdle.I want you *** into my<br />
SILKY NYLON SLIP .I ******* NOW INTO HER SLIP staining it with my ***.She then took off her slip and said'HERE'S MY SLIP ENJOY,THINK OF<br />
ME '.

love it and remember. thanks

Thank you Sumner.

Yes I love it and remember it. Thank you for reminding me and showing me....

Sexy legs !! :-)~~

Snowing down south.

There is nothing more erotic than seeing the lacy hem of a silky nylon slip showing below a skirt or dress.<br />
My wife still wears half slips, she has 14, and gets lots of attention from guys when the lacy hem shows below her skirt.

Love it! Sexy. Seductive. Hinting at what lies beneath. Mmmmm.