you and the vicodin I so love...but I'll share my Vicodin with you.  LOL
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MarineSweetheart,<br />
<br />
That is exactly the way I feel. But the high is equal to the low when he's not around. I get miserable.

LOL Shadow.

well as long as that's all you're sharing....at least get his permission first ;)

I have the best drug in a man. I refer to him as angel dust he makes me so damn high. I feel like that I'm high up in the sky flying for the highest cloud in heaven. I don't know if. I'll ever get off of him but. I love him so damn much. It'll be way too hard for me to get off of him ever again. *hugs* *sighs* *hugs*<br />
*kisses* and *loves Him so damn much* ;-)