Legal Things I Wanna Do With Zacky V

Uhm well, like the title says, I will only write the legal ones :P

What I wanna do with Zacky V :
1. I wanna talk to him all day long, everyday if I could..I wanna see him smile as often as possible, and his amazing laughter..the most precious laughter in my whole life..I love hearing his I wish I would be able to talk to him very very often if he didn't mind..I just like the way he talks you know..I meant..uhm sometimes when I hear his voice, I'm just like "Is this heaven?"'s just so beautiful.

2. I wanna sing with him cause his singing voice is pretty incredibly definitely perfectly amazing..When I'm sad, I just watch his video singing Seize The Day, it can make my day ^.^ I wish you understood how happy I can be when I hear him sing :) It's the most awesome feeling I've ever known..Thanks God, I know him.

3. Well, I wish he would sing me lullaby before I go to sleep for couple times xD It would make up my life..Oh it may sound odd, but I always want it..pwease god? >.<

4. I want him to stay by my side before I really fall asleep so I can feel safe, cause even just the thought of him can make me feel safe, but if he would like to accompany me before I fall asleep, then I would feel the safest :)

5. I wanna play guitar with him..Or perhaps I'll just pretend that I know nothing about guitar then he will teach me like I'm his little girl :D

6. I want him to remind me that everything's gonna be okay when I've lost my chance to be with him :O

7. I wanna make a song with him and it will be our song, it will never be released, only he and i know about that song. And I'll sing and play it whenever I miss him.

8. I want him to write 10 positive things he finds in myself for me and I'll keep that note until I die.

9. I wanna make a short video with him, whatever it is about, but it's just for me and him xD

10. I wanna hug him..a longer hug than a friendship hug but shorter hug than a lover hug.

HakujitsuSeiten HakujitsuSeiten
18-21, F
Dec 8, 2012