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Somewhere I belong...
whyacinth whyacinth
36-40, F
5 Responses Apr 10, 2016
Medieval Tower - Italian fortified cityDoor detail
Arkimede Arkimede
46-50, M
3 Responses Apr 10, 2016
"Journey", Oil on Canvas, 2015, 50x70 cm 
Nonotu Nonotu
26-30, F
10 Responses Apr 7, 2016
(Work in progress) urban landscape in watercolor
chris23cnm chris23cnm
26-30, M
6 Responses Apr 6, 2016
Smoke shrouded hills early morning in Sydney. Obviously from a bushfire even though it's autumn here (fall)
Countdownson Countdownson
51-55, M
Apr 5, 2016
top3rab top3rab
26-30, M
3 Responses Apr 3, 2016
I was waiting for this slow moving train to pass when I looked down and saw this guy. Think the universe is telling me to slow down
Wbyogimaso Wbyogimaso
31-35, M
Apr 1, 2016
One of my favorite places to go on my lunch break.
Wbyogimaso Wbyogimaso
31-35, M
1 Response Mar 28, 2016
My 2nd last day in Canada and I went to Horseshoe Canyon in the Badlands a couple of hours North of Calgary. While it's no Grand Canyon it's still impressive and worth the visit.
Countdownson Countdownson
51-55, M
Mar 27, 2016
The Eisenhower Executive Office Building reminds me of the Grand Budapest Hotel. It's so beautiful! <3
glassbonespaperskin glassbonespaperskin
22-25, F
Mar 26, 2016
Atlantic station near Georgia Tech, a little cloudy but it didn't take away from this beautiful city sight.
Wbyogimaso Wbyogimaso
31-35, M
Mar 26, 2016
Does anyone here have an instagram or tumblr account or somewhere else where they share their art? I did enjoy looking at the art on here although I cant on the app and now EP will...
stargirl58 stargirl58
31-35, F
4 Responses Mar 25, 2016
Finished! :) lunch time in watercolor
chris23cnm chris23cnm
26-30, M
4 Responses Mar 24, 2016
"Transitions" Conceptual self-portrait in honour of my mom. Signifies she's transitioned out of this cold and cruel world, free from the pain of cancer.
FrozenMemories FrozenMemories
36-40, F
3 Responses Mar 24, 2016
I took an art history class and a humanities class during my associates. I've always admired art, so I was anxious to take the class. And it became of my more favorite classes. I...
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Mar 24, 2016