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seriously, thank God for Wikipedia...it explained to me in a few sentences what 30 pages of academic text couldn't..
Barbee95 Barbee95
18-21, F
Apr 21
I am 16. I am in high school. I live in UK. We wear school uniform. I am in the last year of compulsory education. We can stay for two years. And do A level. I want to stay and do...
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3 Responses Apr 20
Education is the very foundation of our society, and without it, we would succumb to a world of chaos.
peterbelbita peterbelbita
31-35, M
Apr 20
One thing that hurts me is when people seek to hurt and attack others because of their appearance. I've witness and stood up for others but today I experienced it first hand. I...
LeahLovee LeahLovee
70+, F
7 Responses Apr 19
Learn new things........................
gowthamiv gowthamiv
22-25, F
6 Responses Apr 18
What is your favorite color and how dose it affect you? I like white and light blue.For white, it makes me feel purity, but light blue it makes me calm and feel joyful.
oh66oud oh66oud
26-30, F
5 Responses Apr 17
Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow. The important thing is not to stop questioning. Albert Einstein
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3 Responses Apr 16
How to get someone to tell you his or her secrets?
oh66oud oh66oud
26-30, F
13 Responses Apr 16
pre Calc grade was put in, got a 32 on a test. apparently many people did bad on it but of course my parents don't care about that. I've been told to put all electronics in a...
ablonddude ablonddude
16-17, M
1 Response Apr 16
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Bjoern1997 Bjoern1997
18-21, M
2 Responses Apr 16
I'm really happy. He opened my gift bag I gave him about a month ago, because it wasn't on his desk anymore, I saw the candle I gave him all lit up in his office and it smelt...
Hipstercatlover Hipstercatlover
16-17, F
Apr 15
Well, seeing as this website is coming to a close, I figured to update one last thing in this experience group. I used to be a big part of this experience group, but ever since my...
TheLoneRaven TheLoneRaven
18-21, F
6 Responses Apr 14