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whereas a lot of us are sorry to see this site close.. I think a lot of the stupid issues could have been prevented.. if the higher ups would have cared enough to keep this...
MeowBird MeowBird
31-35, F
1 Response Apr 21, 2016
monaliza23 monaliza23
26-30, F
2 Responses Apr 19, 2016
I think having late night conversations would help you relieve the stress in your body. If you're talking to a certain someone, and they stay awake to have a conversation with you...
nerdyfreak nerdyfreak
13-15, F
2 Responses Apr 17, 2016
hands hurt ehh.............
deleted deleted
3 Responses Apr 17, 2016
to truly be free you must do what you want when you want and however you want? yes yes I think so too
ASadCatNamedNadia ASadCatNamedNadia
22-25, F
Apr 16, 2016
I have a pacifier and I love using it.
GirlyBabyBoy2 GirlyBabyBoy2
18-21, M
Apr 16, 2016
The most important unwritten, unspoken amendment: the wealthier you are the less rules you have abide by in this system and wealthier u are the more rules you get create.
martinez1993 martinez1993
22-25, M
1 Response Apr 16, 2016
whoooooooo! cuddle forever!
yayepisoverimsad yayepisoverimsad
26-30, F
1 Response Apr 16, 2016
I'm usually quiet. Sometimes it takes me a while to get used to someone but I feel really comfortable after I do
Ariannaaaaa Ariannaaaaa
26-30, F
2 Responses Apr 15, 2016
I do.. I have been doing it for since I was 3.. =( I wanna stop but can't... no idea why though.
ideky1253 ideky1253
18-21, F
Apr 15, 2016
Had a lady on here who was really good at it. Any possibility of finding another for some spiritual awakening?;-)
hengam hengam
36-40, M
Apr 15, 2016
At the early days of friendship, you might as well call me mute. I don't care about the awkwardness, because I only to talk if I have something good to say. I call that adjusting...
SparkofDecency SparkofDecency
18-21, F
3 Responses Apr 14, 2016
its hard . to sleep alone. alone in this world. i have not much goals . im homeless and i sleep under a bridge. but everyday i want to go to library to go to the computer ..... i...
topazeus topazeus
22-25, M
1 Response Apr 11, 2016
I wish it was ilegal irl to make fake profiles online.. cause I'd really like to press ******* charges and place a restraining order on whoever has been stalking my Facebook page...
MeowBird MeowBird
31-35, F
1 Response Apr 10, 2016
Im not a catfish, thats honestly a weird saying lol, I'm real... But that doesnt mean Im going to show you my face to prove it because, I'm a freak LOL, and my privacy it important...
kittykat69xo kittykat69xo
18-21, F
5 Responses Apr 10, 2016