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I saw this absolute beauty at Barcelona Zoo. I want to keep him all to myself. I must have stood there and watched him for at least an hour.
gh0st13 gh0st13
18-21, F
1 Response Aug 2, 2014
I have two babies, and I adore them! My chubby kitten PIB is my life. Jazz is my dad's car, but I still love her, and she loves when I hold her :-)
fallingintowonderrland fallingintowonderrland
18-21, F
1 Response Aug 2, 2014
Took my little imp to the vet today. She had a pretty rough time but she's a brave girl just like her owner :)
nemophilist8 nemophilist8
18-21, F
4 Responses Aug 2, 2014
All my animals have come from abusive homes or neglect where I've taken them from. I psychological and physically rehabilitate them before getting them adopted out. I get to see...
mcatH2O mcatH2O
26-30, F
1 Response Aug 1, 2014
My cat hates the light when he naps lol
Harleyk11 Harleyk11
22-25, M
2 Responses Aug 1, 2014
Just gave my stubborn, and smelly dog a bath :)
rottenroses rottenroses
18-21, F
2 Responses Aug 1, 2014
I have a black cat name Salem. I named him after Salem, Mass. In the early times, black cats were thought as spies for their owners but mainly for warlocks & witches. Black...
deleted deleted
2 Responses Aug 1, 2014
Its an amazing feeling to have someone that loves you unconditionally so quickly :). You really need that greeting you at home after a bad day. Conclusion: dogs are better than...
mairesequin mairesequin
18-21, F
Aug 1, 2014
This is my Hamster Ned in his Sombrero. We are very much in love..but he is shy.
Tannasheart Tannasheart
51-55, F
4 Responses Aug 1, 2014
Everytime I cough or sneeze my dog runs up to me and sniffs the air lol what's that all about
7lee7 7lee7
18-21, F
1 Response Jul 31, 2014
I Loooooooooovvvveee dogs. I love all animals pretty much!😊 except snakes...😣
RiverRachel RiverRachel
16-17, F
1 Response Jul 31, 2014
this guy is my lazy babe. he thinks he knows how to treadmill but her DOESNT lol.
Internetta Internetta
22-25, F
3 Responses Jul 31, 2014
me and my mini pin!! I love her, she's a rescue and she's so loving.
nornorrr nornorrr
18-21, F
Jul 31, 2014
ahhh I seriously love my cat so much :)
abbyhh25 abbyhh25
18-21, F
4 Responses Jul 31, 2014
Smartie is the cutest cat that kisses me for nothing
smartie67128820 smartie67128820
16-17, F
1 Response Jul 31, 2014
On July 10, 2014 I was on Facebook a friend posted a picture of a kitten about 6 weeks old,that was looking for a home. My friend found her on the freeway near her house. Without a...
ryesmom02 ryesmom02
41-45, F
2 Responses Jul 31, 2014
In the south there's a lot of turtles in the road, I pick me up and put them to the size of the road, it's sad to see a squished turtle in the road.
countrygirlISTaylor countrygirlISTaylor
18-21, F
Jul 31, 2014
She's pretty sassy. Can't help but love those eyes.
LivviyLove LivviyLove
18-21, F
1 Response Jul 30, 2014