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What's a plan after closed the Ep...😭
skyglad skyglad
26-30, M
1 Response Apr 20, 2016
I haven't cut for 200 days and I'm soo proud of myself I wouldn't have made it without my boyfriend tho My next big goal is to go for 300 days
Maria134747 Maria134747
18-21, F
7 Responses Apr 19, 2016
Physically and mentally. Most of the time it's just mental and I can't pick myself up. I find my flaws easily and destroy my self-confidence. Then when I have panic attacks I snap...
LoreleiLoch LoreleiLoch
18-21, F
1 Response Apr 19, 2016
Has anybody has any experience with derma blend to cover up scars ? I'm going to be in a wedding and I've heard that a lot of people use it. Also I'm worried about it blending into...
Annababy188 Annababy188
22-25, F
1 Response Apr 16, 2016
Lincoln98 Lincoln98
18-21, M
1 Response Apr 14, 2016
The pains are so bad in the morning 😭 thank god for water.
kate139 kate139
18-21, F
Apr 14, 2016
When i started cutting my meals from 3 a day to 1 a day, i managed the stomach pains by drinking loads of water. About 2 or 3 bottles a day. But a week after i started this i met...
kate139 kate139
18-21, F
2 Responses Apr 13, 2016
I've been close to relapsing lately. There's so much stress and so much pain. I've been clean for months. It replays in my mind over and over, how much better I will feel if I cut...
muffinsfrommountains muffinsfrommountains
18-21, M
2 Responses Apr 12, 2016
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Ttlicious1 Ttlicious1
51-55, F
Apr 12, 2016
I can't stop this i want to but i cant
trentwitherspoon trentwitherspoon
18-21, M
1 Response Apr 11, 2016
(I refer this to Christians going through TRIALS or/and TEMPTATIONS, lest a fellow wishes to wrongly counter the write-up)  Dear Christians and whomever this may concern, God...
Lincoln98 Lincoln98
18-21, M
Apr 10, 2016