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To all who still think about suicide or have a depression. You don't have to be alone. we can be friends and I'll try to make you feel better and see the bright side of things. I...
soyyoprincesa soyyoprincesa
22-25, F
Apr 21
All this time the most I've wanted is to die. To end it all. I can't stand it. Faking this smile day after day with that small hope I might actually feel it. But I never do. I just...
WondrousLeafi WondrousLeafi
18-21, F
7 Responses Apr 20
I came close to killing myself close to half-a-dozen times that I can remember. The ONLY reason I'm still alive is a) a lack of means and b) a fear of dying. Without those 2, I...
AsYetNameless AsYetNameless
13-15, T
Apr 18
I'm just a disappointment. I am the coward that runs in fear. I keep these things to myself. It's not what people want to hear. Just sitting here with a bottle of pills. Not enough...
holygrailofvampires holygrailofvampires
26-30, F
7 Responses Apr 17
How can you decide if this life is worth living. What's the point if you hate every aspect of your life. I
Jennnnla Jennnnla
22-25, F
4 Responses Apr 16
Never quit anything, don't give up you have hope just try to think positive you can do these things if you put your mind to it. Think of positive things, that make you happy in...
deleted deleted
3 Responses Apr 15
Never let a past experience dictate who you are today. For you have the power to change, to become a better person. It's up to you what you choose. What road you travel.I hope you...
deleted deleted
2 Responses Apr 15
I never thought a suicide would come in my life and shake it so. I never believed her, I thought she just wanted attention. She had everything. I thought it was a phase. I thought...
1jeni 1jeni
51-55, F
Apr 15
I just can't carry on like this, my friend has something of mine, I don't know how he got it but he's got it, he's got it once before and who knows how many other times he's got...
chumbucket123 chumbucket123
13-15, M
2 Responses Apr 15
Lincoln98 Lincoln98
16-17, M
Apr 14
I want to kill myself but I feel like I'll miss out on something. Idk. Not looking for attention just wondering about your suicidal experiences?
maloriemeow maloriemeow
22-25, F
6 Responses Apr 14
Such a terrible feeling. It's worse than any physical pain I have felt.
SadCaliforniaDad SadCaliforniaDad
46-50, M
1 Response Apr 13
Today is my birthday and the today I will die.
Waynestepper Waynestepper
5 Responses Apr 13
I have thinking of killing myself for years. It's not because of bullying it's that i feel like i'm nothing in my family. I'm a middle child which I hate. My sister gets all the...
ItzelCookieStar ItzelCookieStar
22-25, F
4 Responses Apr 12
It would be too easy. And it's far too tempting.
thecraziestpanda thecraziestpanda
26-30, M
2 Responses Apr 11
once again I want to die very badly but this time I actually have antidepressants and a therapist..
18-21, M
3 Responses Apr 10
I cant take this anymore, I've tried to stay strong for everyone, I've tried to move on but I just cant! Someone please just give my place in the world to someone who actually...
improbablycrying improbablycrying
13-15, F
1 Response Apr 10
I just need to talk to someone before its to late
Soccerplayer19 Soccerplayer19
18-21, F
4 Responses Apr 10
(I refer this to Christians going through TRIALS or/and TEMPTATIONS, lest a fellow wishes to wrongly counter the write-up) Dear Christians and whomever this may concern, God...
Lincoln98 Lincoln98
16-17, M
1 Response Apr 10